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Just noticed that you are losing your hair? or maybe you're dismayed to find that it's thinning – whatever the case, our hair loss centre in the local area can help to restore your locks. No matter your gender, you can visit our skilled team of hair loss experts at Ink Scalpture for a discreet hair loss appointment or contact us through our booking form. We can then work to develop a personalised treatment plan specific to your needs.

Regain confidence

With a proven track record of treating hair loss problems, the team at Inkscalpture are waiting to help restore your hair – and confidence. Call now to make an affordable appointment with a hair loss expert to discuss your needs. At this appointment we will undertake a thorough, professional consultation, to establish the cause of your hair loss before working work with you to develop a tailored course of treatment.

Refresh your luscious locks

Fed up of feeling self conscious about your hairline? Whether your hairline is receding or your hair is thinning, working with a hair loss expert to develop a treatment plan can help improve your hair. Many treatments available in mainstream pharmacies are expensive and have not been proven to be effective. Why go it alone? We can recommend both medications and holistic products that can be used alongside clinically-proven drugs.


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